Monday, 30 January 2012

Quiltfest - sneak previews!

I've been compiling a list of images of some of the quilts we will be showing, so if you want to see these in real life, visit Quiltfest before 12th February - the following links will take you to images from Ferret's gallery (mainly!). The photo above shows her 'Victorian Steampunk' dress, which also be on show, on its first appearance at the Fashion sans Frontiers show at Festival of Quilts in 2010.




Nude with Rope

Herd Mentality

Greek Fossils - photos can't really do justice to this quilt where the design is created by amazing thread play (same goes for Ferret's other quilts really - you just have to see them to get all the details).

Leather star

Leather Feathers

Bad Rain

Dragon 1 - the new one
LinkDragon - the original

Ferret's famous coat - photo further down that blog link, with pictures of Leather Star at the beginning.

For the trading day - Phoenix Rising

There are some work in progress photos of Quiet Moment and Dragon 1 on Ferret's blog - - quite a few of the quilts are also in the 'Virtual Galleries' section on her blog, which shows pics from her solo show at Festival of Quilts in 2009.

We will be hanging Ferret's exhibition at Llangollen tomorrow and the 'Bucktful of Fabrics' exhibition at the Museum on Wednesday morning. Magie Relph's exhibition also features
work by guests Janice Gunner, Ann Mayner and Dorita Smith. Here are some links to a couple of Magie's quilts we will be showing -

Say Africa

Flower Stems

The backs of these quilts are also made of gorgeous African wax prints - I wish we could display them so you could see both sides, but alas that isn't possible. I'll try to take some photos as we set up the exhibition, so you can see how fablously colourful they are from the back as well as the front. This exhibition will be a really gorgeous shot of intense colours. Debbie and I spent most of Saturday afternoon matching up the quilts with hanging laths ready for a quick setup on Wednesday, and I feel like I know the backs of some of them just as well as the fronts :-) !

We are also going to have this at the Pavilion gallery - guaranteed to make you smile!

Have fun exploring the links!

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Ferret said...

I will also be demonstrating longarm quilting through out the show. After the popularity of the piece I made at FoQ I will be making several small wholecloths that will be available to buy. If there is something specific you would like a little sample of just try asking you never know you could walk away with exactly the piece of quilting you want.