Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Great Northern Quilt Show - Ferret's quilts

Ferret is going to be our featured quilt artist for Quiltfest next February and (fingers crossed!) her 'Leather Star', which won First place in Small Wallhangings, will be on show, along with a lot of her other stunning work. Click here to read her blogpost about the show.

The back of the famous coat -

Jane Rollason is hoping to have 'Holiday Starfire' and 'Ferret's Fractals' at Quilt Expo in Viville, France, next July, where she is featuring quilts with black backgrounds in the exhibition in the local church. Click the photo of 'Holiday Starfire' below to watch a video of Ferret quilting it.

Rather puzzlingly, the portrait of Cy wasn't placed in the Small Wallhanging section, which seemed rather odd as it is another excellent piece of work.

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