Friday, 10 February 2012

FREE parking at the Pavilion for Quiltfest's trading day visitors

I went to the Pavilion at Llangollen last Sunday, while the antique fair was on, and noticed that their customers were getting free parking. As you probably know, since the Pavilion refurbishment, we have had to pay unless parking above a certain point in the car park and attending on 'official' business (and it seems visiting trading day isn't counted as 'official business' - Denbighshire County Council, who own the car park, are very keen on making money on their car parking fees any way they can).
I asked Terri at the Pavilion about how the antiques fair had arranged free parking, and he told me they pay for it as part of the hire fee. It is quite a substantial amount of money, but we have examined the Quiltfest budget and reckoned we can afford to pay it this year. As you may already know, Quiltfest will be donating most of the profits to charity (a small amount is needed to fund the next Quiltfest publicity etc. for the next year), so we have had to look very carefully at this expenditure - basically, if we sub visitor's parking costs like this, that's money we can't give to charity. Depending on how people feel, we may revert back to trading day visitors paying for their own parking, which would mean we could donate the money saved once again, but we may poll people on this point on trading day and revise our parking arrangements for next year.
So please note, this time parking on Sunday WILL BE FREE!

Plus, a weather report here - light rain, no snow. Fingers crossed it will be the same over the weekend. Llangollen is very low lying in the valley, although surrounded by hills, and you can easily get there from the A5 and the A483 Wrexham bypass without taking high routes like the famous Horseshoe Pass.

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