Friday, 10 February 2012

Bridlington workshop roundup - Time & Time Again etc.

After a fairly long trip home last night, dodging the snowier roads, and a busy day at Quiltfest at Llangollen, here are the photos from yesterday's workshop at the Royal, Bridlington - Time and Time Again. It's another jelly roll workshop and some really interesting rolls were used, including a rather jolly new print selection with jungle motifs and brightly coloured camouflage patterns (above).

Tonga Treats 'Sugarplum' colourway (with a few extra fabrics), one I'm planning to use for a workshop sample too -

Lovely blues (not a jelly roll) - the effect of the wide stripe (on the right) is really interesting and shows another possibility for fabric use in these blocks.

It also looks gorgeous with Oakshott's fabrics -

A few more pieces were completed from the earlier workshops this week.

This Super Strips top was started at the workshop last April - almost finished now.

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