Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Quiltfest - open!

Quiltfest is open in both venues now - the Pavilion and the Museum. Busy day, as we were hanging the museum exhibiton in just 2 1/2 hours this morning, but we were ready to open by 1 p.m. 'Bucketful of Fabric' is SO colourful and looks fabulous. Photos tomorrow!

We're also on the BBC - Cymraeg! (see bottom right of screenshot above). Slideshow has exhibition highlights, with text in Welsh. Here's an approximate translation -

'One of the artists who took part this year is Ferret, who will attend the exhibition every day and chat with with visitors. Here is an example of her work.

'The quilts on different themes, including one by Ferret which is based on an image of a graphic novel by Cy Dethan.

'While quilts Ferret can be found at Llangollen Pavilion,quilts by Magie Relph will be on display at the town museum.

'Magie Relph works with African textiles.

'Susan Briscoe, one of the organizers of the exhibition, wants to show that quilts can be art.

'In addition to the main exhibitors the work of many other quilters can be seen in the exhibition in Llangollen.'

OK, today we'll ask Terri at the Pavilion for a better translation - this is with my not very good Welsh and a bit of help from Google when I got stuck!

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