Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Quiltfest updates

Ferret's exhibition at the Royal International Pavilion reopened at 10 a.m. yesterday morning, after we had a very quick rehanging session from 9a.m. It was closed over the weekend for the antiques fair on Sunday and we had to take the whole lot down on Friday afternoon, so the gallery could be used as a cafe (an unforseen change to the antique fair dates caused the problem).

I think we must hold a record for getting the quilts down in 15 minutes flat! Ferret was flying out to Northern Ireland for a weekend's teaching, so there wasn't much time to spare.

Back in business on Monday morning - Ferret is demoing on the longarm every day and visitors have enjoyed watching and asking questions. She is teaching a machine quilting workshop at Gresford on Saturday 11th (for domestic machines). I think we may still have one place left on the class - go to www.quiltfest.org.uk for information if you are interested. We also still have places on the workshop with Ario on Monday 13th. Ferret will also be demonstrating during Trading Day on Sunday 12th February.

If you'd like to try out the longarm experience for yourself, Yale College and The Cotton Patch will be bringing a longarm sewing machine on Trading Day. Other announcements for Trading Day include some trader changes - we are delighted that Textile Techniques will be rejoining us and we will also be having Castle Court Quilter and BatiksnBeads (who came to trading day 2010). Unfortunately Silken Strands won't be able to come this year, but I hope they will rejoin the Quiltfest trading day when circumstances permit.

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