Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Workshop date free - March 12th

Somehow a workshop cancellation e mail got overlooked in my inbox a few months back (probably because it was swamped with other mail, which is what happens when I've been away for a few days - and the group didn't follow up with a phone call, or a second e mail when they obviously didn't get a reply to the first). So now I have a gap between two bookings - one in Hatherleigh, Devon (workshop on Sunday March 11th) and a talk in Gosport, Hampshire on the evening of Tuesday March 13th (with a workshop the following day). It still makes more sense for me to remain somewhere in the south/southwest rather than go all the way back up to North Wales, so if anyone would like a workshop on the Monday 12th, anywhere between Devon and Portsmouth area, up as far as the M4, please let me know asap - my contact details are on my website (see top right of page).

I try to link up bookings further afield as much as possible, as it saves on the total mileage for the trip, with each group paying considerably less mileage than if I'd done a one off trip - it also means I spend less time driving and more teaching/quilting etc. So having a booking cancelled in the middle of a five day 'tour' puts everything in a muddle.

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