Friday, 13 April 2012

Bev's Japanese Circles and Squares

Bev Anderson attended the workshop with Region 11 in near Louth in Lincolnshire last October. I like the border she's added very much - it frames the quilt really nicely and gives weight to the design, plus of course it makes the finished 36 x 42in a bit more of a useful size for a throw. The crossed corners remind me a bit of the border I used on my 'Chinese Pavilions' version of this quilt. Aren't the extra circle details in the corners a nice touch?

Bev writes -

Heres a photo of my finished quilt, colours on the photo arent brilliant, it is actually a bit brighter but you get the idea.

This is a photo I took of Bev's blocks in the workshop, so you'll get a better impression of the lovely warm colours she used.

Hmm, that gave me an idea - I've edited the colours in the photo below. Hopefully it gives a better impression of the quilt? The fabrics were very rich. There were several quilts made in that workshop which reflected the autumn colours outside. Perhaps there are seasonal trends colour trends in workshop fabric choices! Thanks very much for the photos Bev!

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