Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Time and Time Again quilt update

Daphne Ford sent me some photos of her Time and Time Again quilt from the workshops at The Royal, Bridlington, in February. There were several quilts being made from this Jelly Roll -'Meadow Friends (Boy)' by Deb Strain for Moda - and the prints, many with shared solid backgrounds (which 'read' as one in the same column) worked very well for the design. It doesn't only work in batiks!

Daphne wrote -

I thoroughly enjoyed my three days with you at the Royal Hotel learning new skills. I have completed my Time and Time again, but as you will see from the attached photos, I have altered it. I stitched it with the strips at the bottom, but did not like it so I took the bottom strips off and put them along the sides. I also added two extra columns so I now have a beautiful 55" square quilt. Having completed the Spinning Squares I only have the Super Strips to get to grips with. I think I could not get my head round it on Thursday as I was so tired, but I will get there. I ordered your Compendium of Quilting Techniques online so I am looking forward to finding out how to finish everything off.

Thank you so much for your help and inspiration.

Daphne's adaptation of the original top and bottom border layout is interesting and similar to some of the versions made in Melbourne earlier this year. Daphne's first version of the quilt is shown above and her finished version at the start of this blogpost. This design certainly lends itself to rearranging as a shorter, wider quilt, or even a proper square as here. I'm planning to complete my next workshop samples with similar borders to these.

Thanks very much for the photos!

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