Monday, 7 May 2012

Workshops roundup - Knutsford, Denman College, Levens and Ledbury

At the end of April I had a very busy week and a bit, without much chance to write up the workshops in blog posts between bookings. I had just about enough time to repack the car and sort out the next class worksheets.

The first workshop was with the Knutsford branch of the Embroiderers' Guild at Chelford. They did 'Sashiko for Summer'. Lots of colourful fabrics used for this once again.

The course at Denman College was the two night version of the sashiko course I teach there, which covers a little bit of various styles and techniques.  We were in the Textile Studio this time, which is a nice space to work in because there's lots of space to display samples as well as student work.

Ledbury Quilters did 'Sashiko Kinchaku Bag' panels.

I haven't really disappeared but I have been having problems with Blogger's new photo upload interface, which seems to go very, very slowly. This is the second attempt I've made to get the photos up!  And failed AGAIN. No idea what I'm doing wrong. Sorry this is a boring post!

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