Friday, 20 July 2012

Japanese quilt blocks course in October 2012

In anticipation of the course I'm teaching at the Royal, Bridlington, at the end of October, I've been planning how I might set some of the remaining blocks from the 'Japanese Taupe Quilt Blocks' book.  Apart from making some lovely quilt tops, there's the added advantage that I can display the blocks more easily in the workshop. I'm planning to add sashing and a border to the blocks set out above, but I haven't decided on a final setting for the applique blocks below yet.


Here are some reader's ideas for using blocks from both 'Japanese Quilt Blocks to Mix and Match' and the taupes book.  Perhaps they will give you some inspiration!

Pauline Jennings has put blocks on point in this quilt - an idea I'm considering for most of the light coloured applique blocks above, perhaps with 'plain' blocks in between, where I can add quilting motifs based on other applique designs.

Incorporating a panel is another option, as Carol Floyd has done.  I think coordinating the other fabrics using the panel as a starting point is the best way to go for this though, and I don't have any taupe panels (I think!).  I'd like to remake some blocks and do a version like this though.  The panel is by Kona Bay.

The dark cornerstones in the sashing on Linda Harroun's quilt are a very effective way to introduce a bit of rythym when there are lots of different fabrics in the blocks (these are all from 'Japanese Quilt Blocks to Mix and Match').  I might do this on the darker quilt at the top of this post.

You can change the colourschemes to whatever you like of course - Pat Morris made a fantastic bright version of the taupes table runner -


- and it's beautifully quilted too -


If you would like to join us for either the three day course at Bridlington (single day workshop options are available, but of course you won't get as much done), click here for the full course details and links to The Royal's website for booking.

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