Monday, 30 July 2012

Moving stuff

After two trips to Brymbo and back with a van, I've moved most of my stash, kimono and books.  Despite saving lots of boxes, there still weren't enough for all the books, so I had to do some on one trip, unpack and shelve, and reuse the boxes.  My new workroom has gone from looking quite organised to disorganised again as I sort through and unpack fabrics into the linen cabinets, but it's getting there.  The plastic baskets were some of the first things I had to sort and store fabrics, then the clear plastic boxes.  It's interesting to see how my fabric storage has evolved!


I have some more Japanese fabrics to take to Festival of Quilts in a few week's time - blue and white stencilled yukata fabrics with small geometric prints, perfect for patchwork.  These came tacked into bundles, like sample books put together in the kimono shop itself, so I'll be taking them apart for sale (the tacking is nothing special).  Each piece is approx. 13 - 14in x 6 - 7in.  Perfect for a blue and white scrap quilt, or another version of the Shimacho quilt from 'Japanese Quilt Inspirations' -

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Lis Harwood said...

We don't realise how much we have until we have to move it!