Thursday, 2 August 2012

Japanese Quilt Blocks & Taupes sampler quilts


If you're looking for even more alternative inspirations for colour schemes and block settings for blocks from 'Japanese Quilt Blocks to Mix and Match' and ' Japanese Taupe Quilt Blocks', perhaps for the sampler quilt course I am teaching at The Royal, Bridlington, at the end of October, here are some links from around the web.  The lovely sampler quilt above was made by Pauline Jennings (thanks for the photo!)

Robyn Burgess owner of  Patchwork Passion, New Zealand made the gorgeous sampler below - thanks for permission to feature your quilt Robyn! There's some block details too- here, here and here - all looking lovely with vintage kimono fabrics. She writes -

I have used old kimono fabrics  It all started with a roll of kimono fabric that I picked 
up in the Flea Market in Japan several years ago. This roll had never been made into a 
kimono but had been around for a while. This is how you buy fabric for a new kimono -
 in a 13" - 15" wide roll of about 13 metres. All through the project I wondered if I was 
going to have enough and look plenty left over - thank goodness.

Clauia aka Armchair Quilter

Sakura block on Flickr

Enlarged block, Igeta variation on Flickr

New Pieces BOM course (scroll down link) - image below -

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