Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Japanese Quilt Blocks course in Bridlington

At the end of the second day of our three day block course at The Royal, Bridlington, where we have been making blocks selected from both 'Japanese Quilt Blocks to Mix and Match' and ' Japanese Taupe Quilt Blocks'.  There will be a lot more photos to follow in a day or two :-)  Some of these are photos snapped by Fiona during class, some are mine.

As usual, we have taken over the hotel's large dining room as a well appointed sewing space!

Fiona has made some gorgeous blocks, with a modern twist -

I think I've sorted out the blocks for my next sampler quilt.  Rather than trying to combine all the applique kamon crests, I've taken out the ones on the grey plaid backgrounds to make another version of the table runner, and will add one block remade from a workshop sample.

More updates with more photos after the final session tomorrow - it's time for dinner now.

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Marie said...

Shame I couldn't attend this course. I was at The Royal earlier n the year it's a great place for workshops.