Thursday, 3 January 2013

Getting things ready for Quiltfest

Over the Christmas and New Year holiday, I've been getting quilts and various things ready for Quiltfest next month - see the link in my blog sidebar to go to the Quiltfest website.  While packing things up in my old workroom, I found a box of photos from pre 2000, so I now have photos of some early quilts as 'works in progress', which I might include in a folder for the exhibition at the Pavilion.  We will definitely have a bed as part of the display - a good place for draping quilts and cushions, and a hint back to the first Quiltfest in 2002.  If I keep looking, I'll probably find some photos of that too!

The quilt above, 'Solstice', was made for the 2001 Morbihan Inter Celt festival challenge, organised by the French quilt guild and was one of 22 selected from the UK.  It has been hanging in the hall for a while now but, as the Pavilion has side windows, I think I'll include it in the exhibition - it is one of my quilts designed to be backlit, with the central translucent circle lighting up in oranges.  I would also like to hang 'Timepiece', the quilt I made for the Millennium Hoffman Challenge in 1999.  There will be quite a few quilts included that haven't been seen very often, so there will be a few surprises as well as plenty of quilts from my books.

On January 20th, I'll be at the Nantwich Fabric Sale, at Nantwich Civic Hall.  Details are more or less as per previous years - click here for info.  We will have Quiltfest flyers and the booking lists for the two workshops available.

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