Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Festival of Quilts and Lindisfarne graffiti

I'm not trading at Festival of Quilts this year, but Glyn and I will be going on Saturday - partly as a visitor and party as an assistant on Japan Craft's stand.  Katie has promised us lots of time off to explore the show! So if you spot us, say hello!  It might be easier to spot Glyn than me, as he's nearly 6ft tall.  Just look out for a confused looking chap with a beard and glasses lol.

The image at the top isn't a quilt, although it could be.  It is one of several pieces inspired by the Lindisfarne Gospels, created by graffiti artist Niels 'Shoe' Meulman.  Yesterday, my mum & dad went to the Lindisfarne Gospels exhibition at Durham Cathedral.  I don't think they got to see this though- I'll have to ask.  I supposed if you wanted to get picky, you could point out that Shoe is using a completely different script from that used in the Lindisfarne Gospels - click here for a page to compare -  but I guess people are more familiar with gothic scripts than 8th century writing, which has unfamilar letter forms. For more info about the Gospels, click here. The exhibition is open until September 30th. I hope I'll have a chance to visit.

Where Shoe's Lindisfarne Gospels inspired work can be seen -

  • Tees Transporter Bridge, Middlesbrough
  • Castle Keep, Newcastle Upon Tyne
  • Durham, shop hoardings at Prince Bishop shopping centre
  • Chester-le-Street railway station
  • The Maltings, Berwick
  • Woodhorn, Northumberland, various locations
The pieces will remain on show until 30 September

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