Wednesday, 21 August 2013

WTD, Great Northern Quilt Show and my house move

World Textile Day in Norfolk will be on Saturday 7th September.  Although we had planned to be there, the final stages of my house move have taken life over and there just isn't enough time to deal with all the preparation as well as unpacking the removal van, so we won't be going.  It is a very long drive from Kettins - 418 miles (8 hours) just one way - and Glyn hasn't got enough leave for us to get down there and set up on the day before the event.  It will still be on of course!  Luckily I wasn't one of the scheduled speakers for this year.  Please click the World Textile Day link above for more info.  We were looking forward to our trip to Norfolk very much, but there are limits to how much we can do.  I have been finding out that, despite constantly packing and unpacking vehicles for shows, packing up furniture etc. is much more time consuming.  You tend to think that, because you're used to doing various shows every year, it will be easy...


There's an article about World Textile Day Scotland in Workbox magazine if you are curious as to what a WTD event is like.  Bob from the African Fabric Shop has given a humourous twist to their trip to Scotland - of course, it is just an hour's run for us!  The photos above are from the article.

Likewise, I have also had to drop out of doing the Great Northern Quilt Show at Harrogate.  There simply isn't enough time to get things like the workshop packs ready by the middle of next week.  We hope to attend as day visitors on the Saturday though.  Glyn has entered the two quilts he showed at Sandown Park in June - 'Welcome to Scotland' and 'Mission Impossible' - and he'd like to see them at the show.

Everything else scheduled for September is ON! At least this way it will give me a bit more time to get things organised for the Scottish Quilt Championships.

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