Saturday, 5 October 2013

Building the summerhouse, Part 1


The concrete for our summerhouse base was delivered yesterday.  I need some extra workspace, so we are building it from scratch, using some recycled materials (including the doors, windows and cedar shingles).  The shuttering for the base was made from recycled fence posts and the wire reinforcements were from salvaged mesh.


I was hoping the truck might be able to pour straight over the back fence, but the chute wasn't quite high enough. 

Instead, the was poured into the wheelbarrow.  The first time, it knocked the barrow over.  There was more concrete mix than we needed, so this lot ended up making a better ramp to the garage.

Glyn barrowed and I spread the concrete.


Then we used the ladder to tamp it down before Glyn smoothed the surface.


I stuck a 50p in the front as it set, for luck.


We are building it to a high insulated specification, so it can be used all year round, without getting too hot in summer or freezing in winter.

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