Monday, 10 March 2014

Workshop photobooks

I have made two photo albums for my various workshops - one for sashiko and one for patchwork and bags - click the links in red to view the albums. You don't need to buy a print copy of the albums to be able to view them (although you can if you want to!) - I created them so I'd have photobooks for my workshops that I can show people easily.  Click the 'full screen' button at the bottom right of the pages to see the books on a large scale.  You can pause the slideshows and flip back and forth on the pages with the arrows on either side.  I've included lots of photos of my workshop samples, pieces made in the workshops and class photos, along with information about what you'll achieve in each class. Enjoy!

A while back, I figured that it was probably more economical to make photobooks online and get them printed rather than printing out my photos at home - and there's often a special offer on them too (buy in advance or similar for a big discount). So I made three photobooks with photos from shows, my quilt related travels and this blog - volume one, two and three.  I included photos of some workshops (mainly those from trips abroad) and there are some photos that I've been sent, as well as those I took. These are 100 page hardback books, so I wanted something simpler to feature my workshop options, and the notebook format seemed just right.

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