Sunday, 20 April 2014

Current Special Exhibition at the Amuse Museum, Tokyo - Nanbu Hishizashi

 Special Exhibition 

We are planning to visit the Amuse Museum while we are staying in Asakusa, and I am looking forward to this exhibition very much.  Nanbu Hishizashi is a side shoot from Kogin or Koginzashi, the counted sashiko from Aomori Prefecture at the top end of Honshu.  Read more about it here.

When I wanted to include a sample of Nanbu Hishizashi in 'The Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook', I stitched a replica piece for the photo, because the originals are so rare now.  It was much harder to stitch than Shonai hitomezashi.


Nanbu Hishizashi is stitched over even numbers of threads across the width, which gives it the elongated shape, whereas Kogin is stitched over uneven numbers of threads (my sample piece is shown below). This gives a different proportion to the stitching.


Our main reason for wanting to go to the Amuse Museum is to see the boromono from the Tanaka Collection, so this is a bit of an added bonus.

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