Monday, 14 April 2014

Koyotcollection tenugui sale on eBay


Gary Bloom at Kyotocollection has got a fantastic selection of tenugui in his eBay shop at the moment, and this week he is having a sale.  He has a wide variety of designs, more than I've seen in for sale in one place (and I shopped for a few tenugui on my last trip). There's everything from kabuki cats to traditional ukiyoe scenes and geisha to more contemporary designs like this fun sewing motif tenugui -



Although they are technically towels, tenugui aren't fluffy but flat weave, absorbent cotton and make unusual panels for patchwork, rather like the cotton furoshiki Gary also sells.  He supplied the 'rabbits and moon' panel for the 'Furoshiki' quilt in 'Japanese Quilt inspirations and is also the person behind the Furoshiki Shop link on my blog.  Unfortunately the large size rabbit furoshiki I used has now sold out, but he has many more furoshiki to choose from.  Have fun browsing!

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