Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Shirataka visit part 1

Today we went to Shirataka to see cherry blossoms, but our first visit was to Kaneda-san's kiln, Miyama-yo.  He is rebuilding the noborigama that was destroyed in the earthquake in 2011.  It was so interesting to see not only his beautiful ceramics but also the kiln building in progress.

This is his workspace.


This is the kiln rebuilding project.



He uses various materials for his glazes, including benibana (safflower) ash, cedar ash, straw ash, iron and copper.


 Not only useful pots and cups, he makes beautiful sculptures in clay as well.


You can follow the progress of the kiln on Kaneda-san's Facebook page as well.  It was wonderful to see his work but seeing the kiln building in progress was especially interesting for us.

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