Tuesday, 24 June 2014

World Textile Day last weekend - some of Bob's photos

We had a very busy day at World Textile Day Scotland on Saturday - so busy, I didn't take any photos! So many thanks to Bob from the African Fabric Shop for these.

For the first time, I didn't take any kimono or quilts.  We have so much 'new' vintage fabric on the bolt, I wanted to show it off on the quilt stand.

We were between the African Fabric Shop and Gilly Thomson's Kekfesto Cotton this time, which meant the fabric yardage traders were on one side of the hall and the ethnic textiles traders were on other other.  We were busy all day.

Sue from the Loch Lomond Sashiko Guild with Martin Conlan of Slow Loris.

Martin and John Gillow were our two speakers this year - we take turns to do the lectures.  As usual, the talks were packed out.

I love doing the World Textile Days because we meet such a variety of textile enthusiasts, not just quilters.  There's also more chance for me to browse the other traders' fabrics - we brought home another piece of African tie dye, which goes exceptionally well with some of my Japanese fabrics.  I'm working on a new version of my Japanese Circles and Squares quilt at the moment, and this might be combined in that quilt.

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