Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Using Japanese fabrics creatively

I try to choose plenty of vintage kimono and haori fabrics that aren't obviously 'Japanese' themed (with images of geisha, pagodas etc. and the like, or large scale classical Japanese motifs) so I buy a lot of prints and dyes that can be used very creatively, in a more abstract way.  It's great to see pieces where these fabrics have been used.

Pia Welch sent me these detail photos of her entry for "the first time at the EPM this year at Val d'Argent. It is part of the new exhibtion of the Network Quilters. It is about fabric and music and my quilts are kimono backs which are about the shakuhachi flute.."

My fabric is the hot orange print.  If you're going to Alsace in September, look out for this quilt!

If you have used my fabrics in your project, I'd love to see photos.

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