Sunday, 13 July 2014

Summerhouse roofing

We didn't get a lot done yesterday because it rained from late morning onwards, but today was ideal working weather.  So Glyn got the polystyrene insulation onto the roof while I painted some of the eaves rafter timbers.

Expanding foam filler was used to fill and seal the gaps around the gable ends.

It looked like lots of mint ice cream...

We painted the underside of the corrugated iron roofing sheets with mordant solution to strip off the galvanized finish, so the Hammerite copper paint would stick to the metal.

If I'd known how far the mordant solution would go, I'd have bought a smaller bottle, but it will come in useful when we do the Land Rover rebuild.

The underside of the eaves have been painted with copper Hammerite paint.  This would be a difficult job to do once the roofing sheets are in place, so we worked out which areas of sheeting will show, and just painted those, with the panels flat.

After that, Glyn trimmed off the excess foam.  It took a few hours to harden off properly.

Back to work now!

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