Thursday, 28 August 2014

My virtual taupe quilt design made real!

When I write my little square block books, I include virtual quilt ideas.  These are quilts that don't actually exist, but are made by repeating, turning and shuffling digital images of individual blocks.  The little quilt plan above, 54in square or 6 x 6 nine inch blocks, is one of my favourites and one I would love to make one day.  Margo Geers has already made it!  Her beautiful real version of it shown below.  Margo writes -

It was your book that inspired me to make this quilt...  It is such a beautiful design, with so much depth in it that you can look at it for hours without getting bored. I want to thank for the inspiration. There is another quilt, in my head. When I finish it, I will send you a photo.

I'm looking forward to seeing the next one... I like the rectangle border Margo added - it finished the design off very nicely.  Thanks for the photo!

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