Thursday, 28 August 2014

Summerhouse - rafter detail and windows

The outer joists supporting the eaves were designed to be screwed to the top of the side walls, so we couldn't add them until the rest of the roof was complete.  Glyn notched them out at a 15-degree angle.

Somehow I'd managed to prime both joists on the same side... I'll add primer to this today, weather permitting.

They were screwed to the walls to line up with the internal frame.

Luckily we didn't have any wet paint on Tuesday evening, because the fields near the house were being harvested, so there was lots of dust in the air.

Last night, Glyn sanded down all the window frames, in the areas where he added an acrylic filler.

More dust!

When the gothic window frame was made, the joints at the top were never filled in.  We thought it was better to fill every nook and cranny! He also sanded off a little more wood, so the aluminium weather strips will fit between the window and the wall sheet - these were a later addition/improvement when we found Homebase were selling off a lot of their strip metal for £1 a strip.  On the other windows, there were gaps where previous window fittings have been removed.  The only ones we have kept are the sliding vents at the top.

I must make sure he takes plenty of photos of work in progress while I am in Japan next month!

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