Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Last weekend at the Scottish Quilt Championships

My demo stand at the Scottish Quilt Championships turned out to be next to a window this time, so I left the curtains open to get some daylight onto the stand.  It made stitching sashiko much easier to see.  The table cover quilt is the same one we used at Festival of Quilts and is a late twentieth century Japanese made piece - I don't know who made it, but I like the fabric combination.  I thought my 'Fish and Chips' cat with the sashiko tiles in the background hadn't been out much lately, so I featured that.  'Time and Again' will be in Japan until January, along with 'Maru', so I chose different quilts this time.  I'm sorry I couldn't get hold of any copies of 'Japanese Taupe Quilt Blocks' for this show, but visitors enjoyed seeing the taupe sampler.  As the stand was a bit wider than usual, I could set it up so people could get quite close to the quilt behind me.

Sometimes the sunshine was a bit strong through the window!

I was judging at this show and chose Gretchen Danckwardt's theme category entry as my Judge's Choice.  It was a very nicely arranged piece with lots of vintage fabric and buttons - paper pieced hexagons too - with subtle shading but without relying on overly coordinated fabrics. Click on the photo and use the + to zoom in for more detail.  The overall colour effect really twinkles, appropriately as the theme was 'Quilted Jewels'.  There were only five entries though.  I hope we get more for next year, when the theme is 'Jelly Roll Fun'.

Glyn photographed a few of the quilts that he liked on Sunday afternoon and luckily we have similar tastes, as I didn't get a chance to get round with the camera at all. 'Untitled' by Lesley Davies was a strong image inspired by WWI.  The poppies are raw edge applique.

'Callanish Stones' by Jean Boath used machine stitching to build up the texture of the stones, over a photographic image.

Stephanie Parker's 'Cosmos' would have been my Judge's Choice if it had been in the competition.  It shows the high standard of design and needlecraft in the invited exhibitions.  The planets were amazing - they are all embellished/felted.

I loved this piece but didn't find out who made it. Can anyone tell me please? EDIT - Glyn told me this was by Emma Galbraith.

Her 'Off the Map' was stunning too - a real statement piece.


This is a favourite view - Lindisfarne Castle.  Unfortunately I forgot to note the maker's name.

Kay Bell won Best in Show with '1514 aka The Horse'.  Sorry I don't have a better photo - I borrowed this one.  I think she also got the longarm quilting award for another piece?  Although I was part of the judging team, I can't remember which quilt got every award - judging is done on a points system with no conferring, so we don't know which quilts have won until the rosettes go up.  You can see more of Kay's work on her website here. She also has a longarm quilting service - I must ask her to do a quilt for me sometime.

Surprisingly, there were only forty six quilts in the competitive categories this year, which was very low.  We need more entries please! You can download entry forms from the Grosvenor Shows website here.

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Rosalind said...

Thank you for all the photos for those of us that couldn't get to the Scottish Show.
It was a shame to see so few entries into the theme competition. I wonder if there was an incentive eg reduced entry fees for more than one quilt it would bring more in?
For family reasons I haven't entered anything this year but have been looking at next year's shows and would love to enter more than one quilt per show. Sadly by the time the entry fees and postage both ways are factored in it becomes prohibitive. I do like the Grosvenor shows and like how well thet look after the quilts entrusted to them. :o)