Monday, 6 October 2014

Paisley Patchers - talk and workshop cancelled.

Tonight's talk (6th October) and workshop (7th October) with Paisley Patchers has been cancelled by the group, not by me. It seems that the group did not receive the booking forms I sent back earlier in the year, but didn't tell me about this until after I'd sent an e mail on 29th September, checking details for the booking.  Despite sending me a friendly e mail on 30th September confirming that all was going ahead and giving me details of my overnight accommodation (an e mail that wasn't flagged as high priority or apparently needing a very rapid reply), by 2nd October they had decided to cancel, before I had a reasonable chance to reply to their e mail (due to the start of my Loch Lomond sashiko course), citing my non reply to their e mail of 30th September as the reason.  It seems the group are sticking with this cancellation, although I e mailed them about it immediately.  I'm sorry that some quilters will be disappointed about the workshop - I met some of the group at the Scottish Quilt Championships - but the decision to cancel was made by your group, not me!

(BTW, I have no idea why the formatting for this post has ended up all over the place - Blogger doesn't want to let me alter it either).

Re contacting me, sometimes I can't access my e mail because I'm away teaching or simply not at the keyboard.  I know it may seem like I've got internet access all the time, but I don't use a smartphone and can only access my e mails when I've got my laptop.  Also, even if there's wifi available, I don't use my laptop while I'm teaching other groups, or (as on Wednesday evening) attending a class myself.   I might need to gather some further information or check other details before replying too.  Please bear this in mind if I don't reply immediately (or in the early hours of the morning, as someone else seemed to expect me to do recently too).

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