Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Summerhouse evenings

After deciding the appropriate angle for the boards under the eaves, Glyn cut them to size and we checked the fit before I painted them with undercoat.  Now the days are getting much shorter and it is dark by about 4.30p.m., we are having to work with a site light and the outside light as our main light sources.  The street lamp is quite useful too.  The damp weather over the weekend stopped the exterior paint drying on the shingles, so we have to be careful adding further rows.

To get around the problem of water based paints having longer drying times, I undercoated the eaves boards and other trims in the kitchen and they were added once the paint dried.  Now the top of the door architrave is in place, the shingles have to be cut to fit at the top.

The tops also have to be shaped to allow for the slope of the roof.  This slows things down a bit again, but there aren't many rows left to do.

The front is really starting to take shape now and it looks better than I thought it might.  The variation in tone and texture made by the shingles stops the walls either side of the door looking too bland and I think it is a far more interesting finish than horizontal tongue and grove panelling would have been.  It has taken much longer, especially as the shingles are all recycled and have had to be cleaned and cut to shape in many cases, but it has been worth it. 

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