Friday, 14 November 2014

Tokyo exhibition photos

Here are some photos from the Japan Handcrafts Teachers' Assocation's exhibition at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, which finishes tomorrow.  Our Loch Lomond Sashiko Guild sampler quilts from the 2013 - 2014 class are on show there. Thanks to Yasuko Ishii, Japanese thread thimble maker/designer/teacher/artist for sending these.

The museum is in Ueno park, which is full of autumn leaf colour at the moment.


Some general views around the exhibition spaces.  The galleries look very elegant, spacious and well lit.



This is our part of the exhibition.

I think Reiko Domon has used a part of my blog for this information panel.

The quilt in the centre and below right are from Yuza Sashiko Guild.

Keiko Abe's lovely 'Itomaki' (bobbins) sashiko sampler has won an award.


Here it is in progress last May.

 I'm not sure of the maker's name for this quilt, but we saw it in progress in September.




Reiko Domon arranged for our quilts to be shown in this exhibition.  Thank you very much Domon-sensei! It has been very exciting for us to have our work shown in Tokyo as well as in Sakata.  Our work will also be shown at Otsuma Women's University's New Gallery on the Chiyoda Campus in Tokyo, but I'm not sure when that exhibition will open. I'll post information when I know.


Unknown said...

Thank you for posting these wonderful sashiko examples. Can you please email me about your other upcoming exhibit at OTSUMA WOMEN's UNIV in Tokyo? With a little luck I might be able to go see your work in person. I'll be in Japan from JAN 7 for about 6 weeks (and with my tour group in late JAN). Thanks~ Susan Faeder

Susan Briscoe said...

I'll post dates when I have them, but I'm planning to come back from Japan on January 23rd with the quilts, so it will have to be before that.