Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival - part 4

After coming out of the 'Wa' quilts exhibit, we saw a small exhibition of kogin/koginzashi.  I have already posted several times about kogin...  The 'koginu' jacket above is Nishikogin - Western kogin.

This jacket is Mishima Kogin - three stripe. There was another koginu, showing Higashikogin - Eastern Kogin - hanging above these but I don't seem to have got a photo of it.


This is a similar Higashikogin jacket from Yoko Satoh's collection we saw in Hirosaki in September.

Other exhibits included Nanbu Hishizashi aprons and work leggings.

Modern kogin - 


The next small exhibit was traditional embroidery by Shizuka Kusano.  Everything you see in these photos was created in hand embroidery.  The skill and the amount of work in these pieces was incredible.

It was also difficult to get close - it was very popular.



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