Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival - part 5


There were many excellent quilts in the section 'New Works by 57 Japanese Quilt Artists'.  If you follow Japanese quilting, some of their names will be familiar.
  • Yoko Akafujい
  • Mariko Akahori
  • Mitsuyo Akita
  • Minori Ishida
  • Etsuko Ishitobi
  • Noriko Inafune
  • Yoko Ueda
  • Chiyoko Umeda
  • Emiko Toda Loeb
  • Yuriko Endo
  • Hiromi Onishi
  • Eiko Okano
  • Misaki Okabe
  • Satoko Okamura
  • Sachiko Obata
  • Kazuyo Kanno
  • Yoshiko Kurihara
  • Shizuko Kuroha
  • Atsuko Kuwada
  • Keiko Goke
  • Shigeko Kojima
  • Kiyoko Goto
  • Yuko Saito
  • Akane Sakamoto
  • Taeko Shinozaki
  • Teruko Shibata
  • Michiko Shima
  • Kiyomi Shimada
  • Naoko Sunagawa
  • Yoko Sekita
  • Michiko Sonobe
  • Chiyoko Takayama
  • Hiroko Takita
  • Fukuko Tanaka
  • Chiaki Dosho
  • Reiko Naganuma
  • Katsuko Nakano
  • Fumiko Nakayama
  • Yoshimi Neki
  • Noriko Hasegawa
  • Junko Himeno
  • Chiyo Hosokawa
  • Asako Maeda
  • Mayumi Makino
  • Noriko Masui
  • Keiko Minato
  • Keiko Miyauchi
  • Junko Miyazaki
  • Machiko Miyatani
  • Mieko Miyama
  • Yoshiko Miyamoto
  • Miki Murakami
  • Harue Yumoto
  • Yoshiko Yokoi
  • Keiko Yoshida
  • Sachiko Yoshida
  • Emiko Yoshino

'The Promise' by Emiko Toda Loeb, one of her two sided Log Cabin quilts.


'Modern Pattern' by Noriko Masui, which I think is inspired by Buddhist mandalas. See more of her quilts on Pinterest.

'How Many Doughnuhts are Here?' by Yoko Akafuji.  Like many of the machine quilted pieces in show, the quilting is very simple.

'Holy Guacamole!' by Satoko Okamura (the pale pink chosen for the romaji text on the quilt labels was a disaster and hard to read in real life, never mind photographing really badly -  at least I could cross-refer it with the kanji for her name - 智子 岡村). 

I love the movement created by stitching kakinohanazashi (persimmon flower stitch) on an irregular grid.  Here is another of her quilts on Pinterest, where she has used the same sashiko stitching in an interesting way.

There were many variations on Log Cabin throughout the show.  'MANYO' by Shigeko Kojima used vintage kimono silks and a simple Baptist Fan quilting pattern.  The glowing 'bokashi' shaded effect is also a feature of many Japanese quilts.

 'Autumn' by Yoshiko Yokoi also uses antique and vintage kimono silks, in a tour de force of applique depicting the traditional autumnal flowers, like hagi (bush clover) and kikkou (Chinese bellflower).

'Gion Odori' - Gion dance. I'm sorry, I can't read her name.  More wonderful vintage kimono fabrics in a Dresden Plate variation.

All beautifully accented with embroidery.  Like many of the quilts we saw, the attention to detail is amazing.

'Houses in Hometown' by Teruko Shibata.  I love the variety of traditional buildings included in these blocks.

'My Life' by Keiko Minato.  Very simple but dense sashiko adds texture to this boromono inspired piece.  The colours are so subtle.  Looks like plenty of vintage cloth in there too.  The reddish brown persimmon-juice dyed colour was popular at the show - lots of traders were selling this cotton cloth.

'Log Cabin with Stripes' by Keiko Goke.

'Tomorrow, I'll Go Beyond that Mountain' by Kiyomi Shimada.

'Image' by Emiko Yoshino.  One of the few works in the whole show that hinted at wholecloth quilts.

"Delicious Quilt - Jam and More' by Eiko Okano.

"Civita di Bagnoregio, a village in the sky' by Noriko Inafune.  I love the trees!

'Sunlight Twinkling Through Foliage II' by Yuko Saito.

'Gourds Swaying' by Mitsuyo Akita.  Her selection of yukata fabrics and other prints/stencil dyes for the gourds and leaves works really well and the whole design has a great sense of movement, rhythm and balance.

'Red and Violet' by Sachiko Yoshida.  More antique and vintage kimono silks.

'This is Fun!' by Kiyoko Goto.  Another quilt with complex piecing but very simple machine quilting.

"Encouragement for Travels - Under the Sky of Paris' by Yoko Sekita was covered in hand applique.  A popular quilt with visitors, it was almost impossible to get close enough for a photo.

Sorry, can't read the label on this quilt.  I liked the mismatched piecing, making it more interesting than conventionally aligned patchwork.

'White Parabola' by Chiyo Hosokawa.

All the quilters who took part in this exhibition.


Emily Breclaw said...

Thank you so much for these gorgeous posts! This festival is one I hope to see in person someday, but your pictures are the next best thing!!

Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

Thank you so much for your many posts from the show! I saw the show two years in a row while living in Japan. I do not miss the crowds, but dearly miss seeing the show. You and other bloggers help fill the gap with your reporting! I especially liked seeing the details from 'My Life' by Keiko Minato. Wonderful sashiko. Thanks again!

Susie Q said...

The details are overwhelming. Your photos are wonderful for those of us who did not go and have no notion of ever going.

Susie Q said...

The details on quilt after quilt are overwhelming!