Thursday, 19 February 2015

Spring Quilt Festival at Edinburgh

I'm getting ready for the Spring Quilt Festival at Edinburgh today- finishing off packing things and will be setting up there this afternoon.  I'll be taking both versions of my 'Sakiori' quilt from 'Japanese Quilt Inspirations', which I'm doing as a workshop at Edinburgh Patchwork on 28th March.  The pinky red one was longarm quilted by North Sea Quilters - the fabrics are from a range by Momo for Moda.

'Kamon', the other version, was a scrap quilt and hand quilted.  

This was gold print version was made by Nina MacDonald - she brought it to one of my workshops at Purely Patchwork to show me (along with a few other quilts she'd made from my designs).

I am teaching sashiko workshops every day at the show as well.  I'll be next door to Kaleidoscope apparently, near the workshop room.

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ravelmeister13 said...

Hi Susan,
I enjoyed doing your class on the snowflakes this past weekend at the Spring Quilt Festival.

I remember you talking about the fabric to use and I'm sorry but I didn't note it. Please can you tell me what the fabric is that we used? I remember you said we shouldn't use linen. Thank you and Best wishes, Andrea Nichol