Sunday, 22 March 2015

A tidy summerhouse!

This morning, Glyn put the door handles on the summerhouse.

I like the antiqued metal effect.  The shiny bits look good with the chrome hinges and other fittings.  They were in the sale at Homebase last year, so they were a good find.

Glyn playing with the checkerplate trim for the front step.  As this will need to overlap the edge of the laminate flooring, we can't add it until after the floor goes down, but it has been cut to fit.

While I was teaching at Thistle Threads near Aberfoyle yesterday (we had a great "Introduction to Shonai Sashiko workshop, but I forgot to take my camera), Glyn sorted out all the stuff inside the summerhouse, getting rid of cardboard boxes we don't need any more and clearing one end so we can start fitting up the inside soon.  The shingle nails stick out a bit through the walls, so they will help hold the insulation in place while we add the pine paneling.  We need to add horizontal noggins to attach the vertical paneling, which we salvaged from our friends' chalet bungalow demolition a few years ago.  Originally, we were going to buy new tongue and groove pine paneling for the summerhouse, but we have so much of the salvaged panelling, it seems silly not to use that.  However, it can't be used horizontally, and we didn't design the frame for that, so we will have to add the noggins to hold it in place.

It is months since we cooked a proper 'full Scottish' breakfast!  With sweetcorn today, to make up for the lack of haggis.

Glyn has been finishing off the shingles on the back wall.  Every one has to be specially shaped to fit now, so it is taking a while.  

It was warm enough to stitch outdoors until about 4p.m., so I caught up on my sashiko samples.  It will be our last session for the second group at The Studio, Loch Lomond, on Thursday, so I would like to have enough 4 1/2in squares to make up a sampler along with the students.  There are still a few to finish!

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