Thursday, 26 March 2015

The final Loch Lomond Sashiko class

Today was the final day of the 2014 - 15 Loch Lomond Sashiko course.  All the students have started designing their sampler layouts and several have started putting their blocks together.

Because The Studio is closing in that location, it was the last workshop there.  We are planning a get together sometime in the summer, hopefully with many of the students from the 2013 -14 group, and also I am hoping we will be able to display the finished pieces at the SECC in Glasgow next spring.

Auditioning sashing fabrics - I think Jennie is going to go for the plaid at the top, which will look amazing, perhaps with very narrow borders in the sea green.  The yukata print on the left was one of mine - sorry, none left!

There are so many possibilities with these blocks.  I think we will have some very beautiful samplers once again.

Glyn has been getting creative as well - with valves... these will become the output tubes of his new amps.

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