Thursday, 2 April 2015

On my travels

I'm in England for a few days and managed to fit in a short visit to The Bramble Patch near Northampton.  Hilary Beattie and Jennie Rolfe have an exhibition there until April 11th, and the other half of the workshop space is hosting an exhibition by the Contemporary Quilt Group called 'Dislocations'.

This was my favourite piece by Jenny.

We have a similar 'jug' panel (above) by Hilary to the one she showed below - a piece she donated to the 'Unfinisheds' fundraiser at Festival of Quilts last year.

There is a catalogue of Hilary and Jenny's work, which comes with a selection of postcards, including one of Hilary's panel below (another favourite of mine) - it is one of a group of three.



More work by Jenny.


Some of the Contemporary Quilt Group exhibition - 

These were accompanied by artists' statements and samples in folders.






After the exhibition, I continued for last night's talk at Cromwell Quilters at Brampton, followed by my 'Sashiko for Summer' workshop today.

Irene, who blogs as 'Quilterosity', included some photos of my talk on her blog - click here and scroll down to see her post.

Tomorrow, I'm starting a two day sashiko course at Tudor Rose Patchwork near Bedford, so I'll post some of the student's work there in a day or two.

UPDATE - I had a lovely time at Tudor Rose, but everyone got so absorbed in their patchwork, I didn't get a chance to take any photos!  Maybe some of my students there will send me photos of their finished projects?


Claire said...

Thanks for posting photo's of the exhibition Susan. I spotted my Dislocation entry in one of your photo's, which was a nice surprise.

HilaryB said...

Thanks for both the visit and the photos Susan - I didn't egt to see the exhibition, so it was lovley to ahve so many images of both groups - xx