Sunday, 19 April 2015

Summerhouse - window sills and trims

Today has been lots of fiddly finishing off jobs on the window sills and trims, with Glyn doing a lot of whittling and shaping with a craft knife to get the parts to sit tight together.  The shingles are finished and painted now, but I will add another coat of paint before the outside is complete.  We got two more tins of the Cuprinol 'Garden Shades' paint yesterday, in the closing down sale for the Perth branch of Homebase (the one in Dundee is staying open and, in any case, I've found their usual prices are a little higher than B & Q for many things).

The sides of the windows are finished with an architrave strip which slightly overlaps the join between frame and wall board, which was already sealed with a bitumen strip.

We sourced the hardwood sills via eBay.  They have a groove routed out underneath so rainwater can't run back against the wall.  I guess because most times people buy a door or a window with the sill as part of the complete piece, there isn't much call for sill as a stripwood, which is why we couldn't get anything locally.  They also needed to be slightly wider than usual - most sills are just the width of a door. Glyn screwed them in place and we will seal across the top edge between sill and window with a silicone sealant.  The side windows are not very exposed to the weather, due to the large overhang on the eaves, but the gothic window on the back is a little more exposed.

Glyn trying the sill on the gothic window for size.

Drilling the pilot holes for the screws.

The side window trims finished, with lots of screw holes to fill before I can paint them.

What remains of our Ferret Fabrications workshop pencil!

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