Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Sashiko in Perth - forthcoming workshops

I have two sashiko workshops coming up at The Peacock and the Tortoise in Perth soon - Sashiko for Summer (above) on Friday 12th June and Introduction to Shonai Sashiko (below) on Saturday 23rd May.  Both are suitable for beginners and I teach two different kinds of sashiko.  Sashiko for Summer has four panels (three are shown in the photo - the other is 'raimon', a square spiral) and the other workshop has four samples, including a flower diamond (see last photo for detail).

The flower diamond pattern is the small centre square in the second row from the top.  These sample squares were made by one of the students on my Loch Lomond Sashiko course this year.

Places are still available on both courses and you will need to book direct with the shop.


Anonymous said...

I got all excited... Perth, Australia!, but no, not this time.

UdyRegan said...

Wow, how do you find time to do all of these? I imagine you can do a lot with these squares once you have them all done up and sitting in storage waiting to be used!