Friday, 31 July 2015

China - part 3 - visiting some Miao villages

After lunch, we drove to another Miao village.  The village 'square' is above.  All the villages have these areas for communal events, festivals etc. apparently.

There were quite a lot of new houses, or newly refurbished older houses perhaps.  The facade of this house is covered in greenish blue tiles.

The courtyard and doorway at a silversmith's house.

We had spotted a couple dyeing indigo by the roadside on our way into the village, so I went to have a look with Sarah translating for me.  The indigo was heated over a brazier.


The cloth had already been dyed at least once.

Measuring the indigo for the dye vat, with what looked like metal salts too.

Back to the silversmiths.  There was a sign outside saying they were registered to accept tourists for b & b, but I don't imagine many foreign tourists getting here without a car.

These plug style earrings were worn by her grandmother.

In the shop...


In the workshop....

The hallway/living room in the house.  Everyone has small fridges and water coolers.

We drove past a lot of newer houses on our way to the next village, turning off the main road onto a much rougher track that showed how much damage had been done in the recent rainy season. A JCB repairing the road moved to let us through, but there were still a lot of huge rocks on the road.

There were two bridges into the village - this old one...

The newer concrete bridge.

It was about 30 degrees at least.

Another new house being constructed near the start of the bridge.

The old part of the village.  I'll take you there next.

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