Thursday, 16 July 2015

Teaching in China next week


On Sunday, I start my trip to China for 10 days, flying to Guiyang in Guizhou Province via Beijing, where I will meet Angel Yao, the organiser for the Earth Diary Project's patchwork classes near Kaili city.  I'm still working out which quilts I can pack in my suitcase - I would like to take 'Chinese Pavilions', one of my Japanese Circles and Squares series, because it is quite an easy quilt to make.  I will be teaching beginners, so I want to show them things they can make easily.  Also, I have the metric cutting sizes for it worked out already, which is useful.  Weight is 1.09kg.

'Sakiori' and 'Oriental Log Cabin' are two more I would like to take.  I haven't weighed these yet.  'Sakiori' will weigh more than 'Chinese Pavilions' and 'Oriental Log Cabin' will weigh more again, probably about 1.5kg.


I would like to take 'Maru' - same blocks as 'Chinese Pavilions', but a bit smaller... so it will weigh about 1kg.


I have been asked to take the 'Denman Kannon' too - that will be about 1.8kg max.  Although it has no piecing, the fabrics are heavier and there's lots of sashiko thread on it too.

I would like to take 'Garden Party', as an example of using half square triangles... this will be about 


Together, these would weigh a little under 8.5kg.

I would like to take a quilt top too - I thought about this version of Super Strips -

I need five or so quilts for including in a hand crafts exhibition in Kaili when we arrive but I am also wanting to take quilts that I can use for teaching.  It is so frustrating when trying to limit yourself to 23kg, including taking a few clothes and some presents for the students and organisers.

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Susie Q said...

It may be frustrating to limit weight but you have the experience to make every bit count. I know you must be excited as well to be headed to China "for work". It will be a memorable trip.