Sunday, 9 August 2015

China - part 18 - Miao and other textiles

Mrs Zhang and Mrs Wu brought some textile pieces to Pintang for sale, including these batik panels.  The indigo was is the permanent design on these, rather than being the dye resist.

Miss Gao bought this fabulous Geija festival coat.  The Geija people around Kaili city are noted for their batik work.  I nearly bought it, but they had another shorter jacket which was a perfect fit for me, plus I didn't know how I could have packed this coat without crushing the white feather tassels around the bottom.

More Miao embroidery pieces.

I bought this runner.

Not a good photo, but this shows a piece of Geija embroidery, with geometric motifs outlined in tiny chain stitches.

Some of Mrs Zhang's embroidery.  I bought a small panel of this, so I had a souvenir of her own work.

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