Monday, 3 August 2015

China - part 6 - promoting Miao culture

When we came back to Kaili city after visiting several Miao villages, we hoped to drop off some of my quilts for the crafts exhibition that was taking place near our hotel, but we arrived too late.  The photo above shows some of the new buildings in traditional style that have been finished near where we were staying.

For dinner, we went to a food court that offered a 'Miao dining experience'.  After seeing the real villages, it was interesting to see a slightly more touristy version in the restaurants' courtyard, which was shared by several different restaurants.  We were greeted by lusheng pipe players.

Mr Zhou from Singer posing with two of the pipers.

Me with Daniel from Singer.

Some views around the courtyard.

The Chinese zodiac and star symbol is traditional design.

A small shrine on the wall.

Information about the Miao and their traditions, but unfortunately for me, only in Chinese.

Our dinner - lots of spicy local cuisine.

We watched a dance performance at the restaurant, but I haven't got a single photo because I videoed it instead (and for some reason, I can't get the video to upload).  The view when we came out after dinner -

The following morning, we had to go to the craft exhibition really early to set up my quilts.  The show stands were amazing - some were very elaborate.  There were lots of traditional and antique textiles and crafts on sale, not only from Guizhou and China, but elsewhere (I'll put more detailed photos in my next post).

Next time - the craft expo opening ceremony and details of the textiles on display.

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