Monday, 3 August 2015

China - part 7 - 2015 China (Guizhou) International Folk Crafts Fair

The following morning, we set up a stand with some of my quilts at The 8th China Kaili Original Ecological Cultural Tourism Festival and 2015 China (Guizhou) International Folk Crafts Fair.  At this point, I was feeling really jetlagged and almost anything would have been preferable to hanging quilts at 8.30 a.m.!  We got them up with lots of help. I chose quilts that I thought might appeal to the (mostly Chinese) visitors to the show.

We had a chance for a quick walk around the show before the opening ceremony started and the crowds arrived.  Luckily the hall wasn't too large, more the size of Quilts UK than Festival of Quilts.  These are contemporary Chinese embroideries on traditional themes.



Many stands were selling vintage local pieces of embroidery.

Locally made batik.

I'm not sure where this jacket is from, but I liked the swirl patterns very much.


Miao jackets from near Kaili.

This was my favourite piece, from Yunnan.  This photo was from just before the show opened and the trader was not on the stand to ask how much it was... probably just as well!  Martin Conlan (Slow Loris) later told me an ensemble like this would probably be around £1, 100 - £1500, depending on condition).

One of the singers at the opening ceremony on the outdoor stage.  I don't know much about her costume, but it looks like a stage costume with some traditional influences and modern colours.  It is a shame I can't get video upload to work, as I really liked her songs. Click the photo below to go to youtube and hear one of the songs. EDIT - I think her name is Mee Yang (a very famous Hmong singer, which would explain all the phones videoing her performance!)

Miao people were demonstrating traditional crafts in front of the stage.

The opening ceremony included a costume display with various Miao minority tribal ensembles. Some of the silver head dresses were amazing.

This is the 'shining cloth', dyed with indigo.  It looks almost metallic and quite spectacular when worn and creased.




Back to the 'United Kingdom' stand (my patchwork) on the left of this stand.  We had a lot of interest, especially in the Denman Kannon which was part of the display.  Unfortunately, the exhibition was on for two days, so we had to leave for Pintang without my quilts.  Mrs Zhang brought them over on July 27th, but it meant that none of my students saw these quilts, which was a shame.

I was interviewed (with Sarah translating) by one Chinese newspaper but alas I didn't get the newspaper cutting or feature.

Buying batik just before we left at lunchtime.  This is made near Kaili, by the Geija people (classed as part of the Miao group). I brought back one of the batik squares panels (white on blue) in the centre of the photo.  I would have liked to have bought more things at the exhibition, but I had to fit everything back into my suitcases later!

We went to Mrs Zhang's flat to see some of her textile collection before driving to Pintang - photos of that are coming soon.

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