Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Chinese Corner in the Cabin - with borders

Somehow I had miscounted the total number of blocks and when I came to try to fudge a final row with 7 1/2in x 8in blocks, I was one whole block short!  Even piecing together all the remainders of the block trimmings would not have made a block big enough to add the final piece.  So I had a design change and used the four best remaining blocks to make cornerstones in the pink border.

The patchwork was finished and posted to Quilt Sandwich yesterday afternoon, but not without a few glitches.  First of all, the ends of some of the patchwork seams on the outside of the central area had started to unravel, just through the quilt being held up for the photo!  These all appeared to be seams done on the industrial machines at the college.  I repaired as many of these as I could find.  Then I looked for the pink border fabric and I couldn't find where I had put it... Not in my workroom, and I hadn't left it in the suitcase when I came home from my trip.  Eventually I found it, folded up underneath one of the quilts I'd taken to China.  I felt very relieved.  The colours are so outside of my usual palette, I didn't have anything that would have made a reasonable substitute.  Adding the border and sewing across the ends of the seams in the cornerstones will hopefully have sorted out any further unravelling.

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