Monday, 7 March 2016

Sashiko and The Quilting Show at the SECC

The sashiko course groups I'm running at Kaleidoscope and Edinburgh Patchwork had their sixth day session on Thursday and Saturday, where we did more hitomezashi (one stitch sashiko).  The patterns were takezashi (bamboo stitch), kusazashi (grass stitch) and chouzashi (butterfly stitch).  Chouzashi in particular is more difficult than patterns like komezashi (rice stitch) or kakinohanazashi (persimmon flower stitch) which we did at the start of the course.   The samples above are by the Edinburgh group.  On Friday, I was teaching more sashiko, this time my sashiko furoshiki workshop, at Reiver Quilters Group in Carlisle.  So after three days of quite intensive teaching and travelling, we did something a bit different yesterday and went to The Quilting Show at the SECC in Glasgow. 

It is the second time I've been to the show as a visitor and now one hall is dedicated to quilting and sewing, with the papercrafts part of the event (Hobbycrafts) in a separate hall.  There seemed to be more quilts than last year in the competition and there were many excellent invited exhibitions, so there was a lot to see.  These are some of my favourite quilts.  I thought the standard was high and the quilts were displayed well.





There were a lot of quilts I didn't get photos of, but then it was the kind of show where we can't take more than half a dozen steps without bumping into someone we know!

I managed to get a copy of Ruth Higham's book, 'The Edge of the Land'.  The reprint had arrived just in time for the show.  Ruth's friends had a display of her work and were selling raffle tickets to raise funds for Beatson Hospital Cancer Charity.  This is a beautiful book and if you are interested in Ruth's work and the creative process of an individual quilter, I would highly recommend it.  It can be bought online using the link above.

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