Monday, 13 June 2016

More from Quilts UK

I didn't have a lot of opportunities to take photos of the quilts at Quilts UK this year, as I was on my own on the stand most afternoons while Glyn went out on coach trips with Yuza Sashiko Guild.  This is the quilt I chose for my Judge's Choice.  I had no idea who made it and it was a surprise to find out it was by Rebecca Collins, who I know from the North Wales quilting scene.

I just loved the way she had used the African fabrics and other batiks.  The back was fabulous too - a medley of African wax prints.

This quilt was an interesting project.  The blocks were started by one quilter and the quilt finished by her friends after her death.   It had a large variety of fabrics, but the simple design and placement of colours made it really special.

Andrea Stracke sent another perfect wholecloth.

To give an idea of her precise and tiny stitches, I held my hand about an inch from the quilt surface for the photo above.  If you click on the photo and zoom in, you should be able to see the stitches.

I think this quilt is by Birgit Schuller?  Another lovely design.

Lesley Brankin's view of the Malvern Hills.

I will have to check my catalogue for this maker's name.  A wonderful quilt, inspired by Roman mosaics.

Glyn did do some work on my stall - so I could go and teach with Yuza Sashiko Guild.  Here he is with Noriko Murata.


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