Thursday, 9 June 2016

Yuza Sashiko Guild - the Quilts UK photos

I'm catching up with the last of the photos from the trip in May. Yuza Sashiko Guild's workshops at Quilts UK were a very quick sell out every day, with all the tickets gone in about 5 minutes.   Here's some photos from (I think) Friday's and Sunday's sessions.  We alternated between two different patterns, masuzashi (square box stitch, also known as juuji tsunagi or linked crosses) and zenizashi (coin stitch).

Here are their quilts, starting with the Maruike-sama series, inspired by the pool at Mount Chokai.

Three other quilts included Reiko Domon's 'A Hill in Edinburgh', which uses lots of different tartans from their 2014 trip.

The following Monday, we waved off our friends at Manchester airport.  We had a great trip showing them around Wales and the Borders, and plan to see them again in Japan soon!

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