Sunday, 24 July 2016

Sunday downpour at No.1

We had rain like monsoon this afternoon.  Like in January and again a few weeks ago while I was teaching, the drains couldn't cope and the drive started to flood.  On 25th June after my class in Dunfermline, we came back to find evidence that the drive had flooded in our absence, leaving a layer of mud and a tide mark on the Fiat's wheels (we went in the Micra), plus a trail of mud on the road which showed where the water comes from - the estate drive lane opposite, where it runs off the two big fields on either side.

Where the floodwater flowed - lots of dried silt.

The tide mark on the garage ramp.

If we hadn't already smashed down the side of the drive to improvise a drain into our little field back in January, the water would have got higher than this.  In January, I needed wellies to get to rescue the Micra, as the water was more than ankle deep. This is the tide mark on the Fiat's wheels.

Yesterday, I could take some videos.

This is a link to the video showing where the drain actually backs up -

The council is going to alter the drain in October, but something needs to be done before then.

Another, slightly longer clip of Glyn unblocking the drain a bit with a piece of wood.  This was too long to upload directly onto my blog.

UPDATE - 26/07/16 - Great news - Perth and Kinross Council have arranged for the gully and pipe cleaned out this Friday, and there's also a manhole about 30 metres away that they are going to clean out as well.  Hopefully this will keep things manageable until October.

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