Saturday, 23 July 2016

Time and Again on Orkney - quilts progress

I have had these photos for about a week but haven't got around to posting them until now, so the quilts came along much quicker than the date on my blog post suggests.  The one at the top is Barbara Morrison's version of Time and Again, layered and ready to quilt.  I'm not sure if she was hand or machine quilting it. The block centres are all the same fabric, with a black and white kanji print.

The second quilt is the one Gina Patterson made, using a Bali Pop in the 'Sparrow' colourway.  The block centres are all the same, with a Japanese style metallic print of tiny cranes flying in all directions.  She cut the applique flowers from the same fabric and added larger applique cranes before she did the amazing machine quilted motifs on each block.  Strictly speaking, this is my 'Irori' design which uses the same block as Time and Again, as it uses that layout.  These two quilts are very different in terms of colour, which goes to show how versatile the block and pattern are.

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